Education, Leadership, Philanthropy, Recognition

Empowering the LGBTQ Community through housing

Our Mission

NAGLREP believes that housing is a fundamental right for all.

Our mission is increasing homeownership within the LGBT Community. 


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Education is essential to enabling financial wellbeing and responsible homeownership. NAGLREP is committed to providing homeownership education seminars to would-be new homeowners.


NAGLREP believes leadership is a key component to development and success in the real estate industry. We believe in leading by example, as such we pledge to be a resource to real estate professionals in our community who wish to further grow and develop.


NAGLREP excels by offering philanthropy to the communities it operates in. With a focus on economic stimulus and helping low to moderate income persons achieve homeownership.


We believes in fair housing for all. The LGBT+ community can be legally denied housing in 28 states and there are many professionals who continue to advocate for equal rights. We will raise awareness to leaders who champion housing equality.

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